Wish Your Pain Away.

Our patented massage tool design mimics a massage therapist's hand and how they use their leverage from their whole body to apply pressure. Using the Thera-Wishbone and your whole arm makes massage simple and won't leave your hands tired.

There are endless ways to use the Thera-Wishbone so pain can be a thing of the past. Use it on the hands, arms, legs, feet, on yourself or a loved one, and so much more! So, what do you say? Are you ready to wish the pain away?

"Love it! I do ultrasound at a busy hospital and the pain I carry each day and worse after a long day of work is too much. Your massage tool has helped me relieve my tendinitis and sore muscles as the day goes when I get a chance to use it briefly and when I get home. I am now taking it everywhere i go! Thanks so much!"

Fatima and Chris

"It's a really good tool, it helps relieve tension on your hands and arms. I definitely recommend it."


"It hits those certain spots perfectly. Stronger than using your own thumb."


"It works really well on my hands!"


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