Wish Your Pain Away.

Our simple patented massage tool design helps bring therapeutic relief to our aches in just a few minutes. There are endless ways to use the Thera-Wishbone so pain can be a thing of the past. Use it on the hands, arms, legs, feet, and so much more! So, what do you say? Are you ready to wish the pain away?

"Love it! I do ultrasound at a busy hospital and the pain I carry each day and worse after a long day of work is too much. Your massage tool has helped me relieve my tendinitis and sore muscles as the day goes when I get a chance to use it briefly and when I get home. I am now taking it everywhere i go! Thanks so much!"

Fatima and Chris

"It's a really good tool, it helps relieve tension on your hands and arms. I definitely recommend it."


"It hits those certain spots perfectly. Stronger than using your own thumb."


"It works really well on my hands!"


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