How to use



Trigger point balls

The Trigger point balls mimic the the fingers to easily apply pressure to roll up and down the legs, arms, back, and neck.

Use on yourself or others to save your hands and use the leverage from the shoulders and arm.

Scraper tool

The 3 notches on the Thera-Wishone are used for grip and the technique of scraping areas of the body to help relieve pain by breaking up scar tissue and releasing lactic acid in the muscles. 

Use this technique on broad muscle groups like the legs, arms, chest, upper back, and feet to help break up tension from plantar fasciitis.

Thumb Notch

The Thumb Notch mimics the human thumb so we can apply deep and detailed pressure to our body by using the leverage from our shoulders and arm.

Great to massage shoulders, upper back and neck area. Use on big knots to easily apply pressure or use on our own hands, feet, legs, and to reach detailed areas all over the body.